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What Your Vet Isn’t Telling You

Vet Lies
Has your vet been lying to you?
  1. There is a perfect poo. Shape? Size? Color? Why aren’t the vets speaking up? This is information the public is hungry for and needs to know.
  2. Rabies never existed. I have never seen or heard of a single case of rabies and I guarantee no one you know has either. Curious or conspiracy?
  3. Ever wonder why the whole spayed/neuter agenda is being forced upon the public? Let me let you in on a little secret: veterinarians know how close dogs are to developing language skills and are doing everything within their power to stifle this. Why?

10 Things Every Dog Owner Needs to Know


  1. Cats are not the enemy, cars are.

2. There is no “How To…” manual, just a series of CliffNote pamphlets.

3. Manners trump bravado every time.

4. There is a litmus test for the perfect PH balance in your dog’s poo.

5. Acupuncture is one way to go. Not my first choice but it is an option.

6. Running is great exercise for you and your dog.

7. I feed my dog Taste of the Wild

8. “Cookie,” is a great name for dog treats so you can say “who wants a coooookie?”

9. Not all dogs need to be handled.

10. All dogs do go to heaven.